While there isn't as much research on it as autogynephilia, it does seem that there are some women who are sexually attracted to being men, i.e. autoandrophilic. Studies generally find that autoandrophilia is rarer than autogynephilia, with the ratio varying from 1.5 to 7 depending on the study (see Joyal (2014), Joyal (2016), and Långström (2011)).

Anecdotally, while autoandrophilia often includes imagining oneself as male, it seems to focus less strongly on it, instead being more about interacting sexually as a man, with a greater focus on one's partners. However, this has not been documented in studies. It was once thought that autoandrophilia primarily existed in the form of autohomoeroticism, a sexual interest in being a gay man; however, informal surveys suggest that there are many autoandrophiles who are interested in being a man who has sex with women. One difference between autogynephilia and autoandrophilia is that while autogynephilia seems more common among those attracted to women, autoandrophilia in women seems equally common regardless of sexual orientation. It is unclear why this difference exists.

Like autogynephilia in men, autoandrophilia in women is associated with gender issues and desire to be the opposite sex. It seems likely that some trans men are autoandrophilic, but it is unclear how many. If you are interested (perhaps due to being autoandrophilic yourself), we have a Discord chatroom where we informally study these topics using internet surveys.